Top 5 Benefits of Quick Getaways


Finding time to relax and unwind can be very hard for most people in the fast pace, fast driven economy we live in, let alone finding time to go on holiday. But even if you can only go to a hotel 30 minutes away in the same city or stay in your country, there are many benefits associated for not only your health, but for your wellbeing! Below are our top 5 benefits of short breaks or quick getaways.

Benefit #1 - They can be very cost-effective
Unlike holidays that last up to a week or even more, going away for a few days or even a night is very cost effective. You enjoy the benefit of being able to relax and unwind without having to break the bank; there are many hotels, resorts and even B&B places that provide excellent service for a fraction of the price of a holiday abroad.

Benefit #2 - They make you happier
According to research, short breaks make people happier than one long holiday. An article by the Telegraph states that psychologists have claimed that "people who use their holiday allowance in bursts rather than all in one go are happier. People who take so-called mini-breaks have more happy memories than those who holiday for an extended period of time."

Benefit #3 - Less planning time needed
There are many websites that provide you with the opportunity to plan a mini holiday at the last minute and they tend to have many deals also. This means the stress of packing for a long holiday and planning costs and everything for an extended period of time is eliminated.

Benefit #4 - Increased productivity
Researchers at the University of Illinois conducted a study and found that your focus and productivity can be improved in the long run when you take quick mental breaks. This is beneficial not only for your work life but also your home life in ensuring you are stress free and motivated to do what you need to do.

Benefit #5 - You get to experience new things
Whether it is a quick trip to somewhere in Europe, or just down the road from where you live, you may be surprised as to how much you didn't know about an area. Especially if you are taking a short trip in your local area, it is a good opportunity to see places in your Town or City that you have never been to before or never knew was there. Even if you plan on staying inside the whole time, having a different scenery can still be a good experience!

So why not book a quick trip now? Experience your home town from a new angle. Get that tourist experience and book a place in a different region of your city and spend the weekend exploring, trying new restaurants and visiting monuments.  

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