4 Things to start doing in 2018

It's a new year, which also means a fresh start for many of us. A fresh start with goals, work, school, family, relationships and anything else we deem important in our lives. Some of us may have started the year with goals already listed out, ready to start accomplishing them. Others may still be trying to figure out what they want to focus on this year. 
Here at StayNorwich, we've listed a few things everyone could start doing in 2018 to make this year stand out from others! If you start doing these things consistently, they can become good habits implemented in your life. 

1. Start intentionally saving DAILY
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There's nothing better than knowing that apart from the income you make monthly, you have some extra pounds in your savings account. Having a strict saving regime can be tricky for many people, but the benefits of having a healthy savings account overrides the challenged of building one. You can start as little as saving 1p a day; why not try the 1p saving challenge and save up to £650 by the end of the year! For more details check the following links: 

2. Find time to exercise/workout WEEKLY
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This is one thing that normally come on everyone's "to-do" list for the new year!  But the truth is, there are many benefits to choosing a healthier lifestyle, especially with implementing exercises in your weekly routine that will help in keeping you fit and energetic. Sometimes it can be hard knowing where to start from, follow this link to take this quiz by the NHS as an indicator on where to begin: 

3. Read a new book every MONTH
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Let 2018 be the year you challenge yourself to do something you wouldn't normally do. You can start off with smaller books and increase as you get more comfortable or faster with reading. There are many said benefits to reading a new book every month, such as mental fitness, creativity growth and improved writing. It may be hard to begin with, especially if you are not someone who usually reads a lot to begin with, but what better time to start than now! For some tips to help with keeping up reading a new book every month, click the following link:

4. Visit a new place/town/city/country ANNUALY 
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This world is a big place and the best thing you could do this year is to explore more of it! Even if you can't afford to travel outside the county, (although, if you start saving more than 1p every day you may be able to treat yourself by the end of the year!) there are probably many places in your country, city or even town that you haven't visited before. This year be a tourist! Take time even if it's once this year to visit somewhere you have never been before! You can decide to go on a day trip or maybe spend a few nights away, follow this link for 5 benefits of quick getaways:

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