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Business travel is one of those things you either love or hate. It can be incredibly stressful having to pack, wake up early and wait in lines for the plane or taking the train, if it is a local travel. However, it does not have to be so stressful! We have collated some of the best advice we have seen on how to make business travel enjoyable and easy going.

Try to fit everything in one suitcase
Packing everything in one suitcase will make you more efficient with what you pack. It also means if your trip requires a plane journey, you don’t have to check in any luggage, which will save more time.
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Pack a digital luggage scale with you when travelling
This comes in handy when you know you probably will buy some extra things on your travels and don’t want to pay extra for going over the baggage limit. With this with you, you can make sure that your luggage is under the limit as you’re going and then when you’re coming back, you can make sure that you have not exceeded. This saves time having to unpack at the airport if you have gone over and saves money if you pay instead.  
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Make sure all your devices are charged the night before you travel
This one is quite self-explanatory. Nothing is worse than travelling and realising your phone or tablet is nearly dead and you don’t have any nearby socket to charge it! To be on the safe side, because you may not have time in the morning, make sure all your devices are on 100%. In addition, buy a good power bank or portable charger so that you can take that along too and take the necessary electrical plug adaptors.  
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Make a checklist of everything you need
Nothing is worse than knowing you have forgot something important and not being able to go back to get it! To avoid forgetting anything, always write a list of everything you need and tick it off as you pack, if you organise your packing too in designated sections, you can also do a quick overhead check in the morning to double-check everything is there.
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Have a semi-pre packed bag at hand
Keeping some essentials in your travel bag is a good way to minimise packing time and the potential to forget anything important. It’s a good idea to keep travel size toiletries and some basics like underwear, socks and face towels so that the only other things you need to pack are clothes, gadgets etc.
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Buy food or pack something in advance
Especially if you’re journey is on the train. Save money by buying food in advance to eat. The prices on the train tend to be expensive. Plus, if you have special dietary needs, options may be limited, so to be on the safe side, buy or make your own.
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